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Ca’ Naonis
Ristorante Enoteca

Via della Dogana, 11
33170 Pordenone PN
Tel: 0434 573197
E-mail:  info@canaonis.it
Pec:  lotluca@legalmail.it
VAT: 01824000937
Tax Code: LTOLCU71E12G888Z



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Close your workday and anticipate a relaxing evening.

Or start a shopping morning on Saturday with something that already makes you crave for a gourmet lunch.

Or simply enjoy a glass recommended by your trusted sommelier, accompanied by a blue cheese produced by artisan dairies, homemade healthy and crispy bread, breadsticks, ...
What more could you ask for?
We always like to offer “fragrant” emotions.
With us it is like being in the privacy of your home, with the addition that you can choose an excellent bottle from our selection of labels, to highlight the Triveneto region, without forgetting the great Italian and international wine references.

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The cicchetteria is sophisticated: from the tastiest fried food we have taken inspiration for proposals that are never trivial and always linked to seasonality.
Have you ever tried our fried mazze di tamburo mushrooms with a Pinot Noir or a young Barbera?
Premium prosciutto, unfiltered craft beers, homemade compotes and pickles.

And if you want to close with a hot dish, also in the Enoteca we will be happy to offer you fried fish and vegetables with tartar sauce, or maybe delicious egg tagliolini with a sprinkle of black truffle.
If your mouth is now watering, or you just can't believe us, stop by and give us a try!
It will be worth more than all words.

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